Release Notes: July 08, 2022


Corporate Admin

  • Dashboard - By popular demand, we have updated the Period Selector and Change Percentage logic on the Dashboard page! These updates include additional filter options and tooltips for the Period Selector and improvements to the Change Percentage logic to factor in timestamps on orders. Click here for more information.
  • Company Settings Modals - Improved modal window functionality to prevent modals from closing prematurely. Modal windows in this section will now only close once the “X” is selected. 

Web Office

  • Report Center - Enhanced Web Office Report Center functionality to include the “IN” operator as an additional filtering option. Click here for more information. 

Upcoming Improvements

  • Corporate Admin enhancement to the Order Logging feature to indicate specifically which actions were completed. 
  • Web Office support for Nexio Alternate Payment Methods (APM) money-in integration to provide payment acceptance using popular APMs like ApplePay, GooglePay, PayPal, etc.



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