Setting Bonus Paid Amount

When creating Inventory Items, you have the option to enter a bonus amount that pays directly to the Sponsor of the item’s purchaser.

You’ll find the Bonus Paid field in the Price and Discounts configuration when setting up inventory items.

Bonus Paid field

Typically, the amount you enter is tied to a weekly commission paid to an Active, Distributor-level Sponsor.

For example, in your XML compensation plan, you may have a Bonus Rule set up like this:

<Rule Description="Enroller Bonus" Name="EnrolBonus">
        <MeetsRule Rule="Dist" />
        <MeetsRule Rule="Active" />
          <Payment Pool="MasterPool" Bonus="Enroller Bonus" Tag="" MetaData="">
              <GenerationGroup Tree="Enrollment" Generation="1" CompressOption="" BeginLevel="1" />
              <BonusPay Comment="Enroller Pay" Percent="100" />

The <BonusPay> element defines a Percent of 100:

<BonusPay Comment="Enroller Pay" Percent="100" />

With the preceding example, the Sponsor will get 100% of the amount entered in the Inventory Item’s Bonus Paid field.

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