Service Subscriptions Not Renewing After Expiration Date


You have an issue with Services not auto-renewing after they expire.


A possible solution is to check the CRM_ServiceItems table configuration.

The CRM_ServiceItems table stores much of the data that make Services work. This table provides a connection between a Service and an item.

Without this mapping, the system won’t create a Service for an Associate, nor will it renew.

Checking Subscription Configuration

Using the Data Editor, check if there is an entry for the item in question:

  1. Select the Visual tab.
  2. Search for and select the CRM_ServiceItems table.
  3. Click Filters.
    1. Select the ItemID Column.

    2. Select the equals (=) Operator.

    3. Enter the item’s Item ID in the Value field.

      You can find the Item ID on the Inventory Items > Item Detail page.
      Item ID

    4. Click Get Data.

      Ensure that the entry is configured correctly.

      Or, under the SQL tab, you can enter the following to query the same data:

      SELECT * FROM CRM_ServiceItems
      WHERE ItemId = [Item ID]

      Replace [Item ID] with the item in question’s Item ID.

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