Can't View an Associate's Site or Enroll Under Them


When I impersonate an Associate’s Web Office and click their Replicated Site or eCommerce Shop link, the link goes to their Sponsor’s site, not theirs.


I tried to enroll under an Associate, but the system won’t let me.


These problems occur when an Associate doesn’t have a webalias setup. The Associate’s site link may default to their Sponsor’s site. It’s also possible that the system won’t let a customer enroll under an Associate if they don’t have an associated site link.

A webalias is supposed to generate automatically during enrollment, which generates the eCommerce Shop/Replicated Site link. However, if someone manually upgraded the Associate from a Customer Associate Type to a Distributor Associate Type, the Associate must have their webalias set by a corporate Admin.

Whenever you manually upgrade someone like this, create a website for them as soon as possible to have people use their site to make purchases. The system doesn’t automatically create a site if you manually upgrade an Associate.

To manually add a site:

  1. In Corporate Admin, navigate to Find Associates > Associate Detail > WebSites & BackOffice.

  2. Under Websites, click Add Website to open the Add Website pop-up window.

    Add Website pop-up window
  3. In the pop-up, enter the Associate’s webalias in the URL field; typically, this is the same as their username.

    Note: The URL format shown ({webalias} in the pop-up does not reflect your final URL. The Associate’s webalias will be placed in your Shop/Replicated Site URL in the fashion you’ve configured (typically,{webalias}).

  4. Click Create Website to assign the webalias.

  5. Click the generated link to visit the Associate’s eCommerce Shop or Replicated Site.

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