Viewing Associate Commission History in Corporate Admin

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Associates > Search Associates > Associate Detail > Commissions

The Commissions page in Corporate Admin allows you to view an Associate’s current and historical commissions.

  Associates can view their commission history in Web Office. Learn more in Configuring the Web Office Commissions History Report

To select a commission period:

  1. Click the Period Selector.

    Period Selector
  2. Select the period from the list.

    The results are visible in the Commissions Detail table.

    Commissions Detail table

In the Commissions Detail table, each bonus and pay level of the selected commission period is displayed. To view additional detail for a payment group:

  1. Locate the record you want to view.

  2. Click the View Detail link.

    View Detail link

    You navigate to the Commission Detail page of the selected payment group.

    Commission Detail page

The Commission Detail page displays a table that breaks down the payments by:

  • Bonus Earned From - Click the name link to view the Associate’s Detail page.

  • Contributing Sources - Click the order number link to view the order’s Detail page from where the commission’s contribution originated.

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