Setting up the Marketing Sites Widget

The Web Office Home > Marketing Sites widget displays your company’s replicated/shop site URL and the number of visitors and enrollers. This URL will include a webalias that will change to the Associate’s username or chosen site name, linking to their replicated site/shop. Before your Associates can use this widget, you must set it up.

Before you start, read Customizing Replicated Site URLs.

Configuring the Widget

Admin: Web Office Admin
Page: Advanced Settings > Widgets
Permission: Setup Widgets

  1. Expand the Marketing Sites section.

    Marketing Sites section
  2. Click the + button to open the Marketing Sites pop-up window

    Marketing Sites pop-up window
  3. Under the SETTINGS tab, enter your replicated site URL(s) in the field(s) and include replace_WebAlias where ever the Associate’s username/site name appears in the URL.

    The Associate’s username/site name will automatically swap in the URL in the Web Office widget.

    For example, or

      Your URL structure may vary.
    Site1Url and Site2Url fields

Next, you’ll want to select the various widget elements to include:

  1. Under the WIDGET ELEMENTS tab, select the Customer Type.

    Customer Type is another name for Associate Type, read more in Base Associate Types, Associate Types, and Price Groups Explained.

  2. Select the Page Name where the widget is located (either the Homepage or Team Dashboard).

  3. Select the markets (i.e., countries) where the changes will apply.

  4. Click the ELEMENTS button.

  5. A series of checkboxes appear, where you can select different elements to include in the Web Office Home > Marketing Sites widget.

    Element checkboxes
  6. Click SAVE. Repeat the steps for each market if necessary.

Setting up the Visited and Enrolled Counters

Admin: Web Office Admin
Page: Code Customization > Tracked Sites
Permission: Tracked Sites

Before the Visited and Enrolled counters on the Home > Marketing Sites widget will work fully, you must add the marketing site URL to the Code Customization > Tracked Sites page.

  1. Click the + ADD TRACKED SITE button to open the Add Tracked Site pop-up window.

  2. In the URL field, enter your Marketing Site URL with /www as the default webalias.

    For example, if the Marketing Site URL that you entered previously looked like, then for this step, you would enter

  3. Click SAVE. Repeat for each Marketing Site URL.

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