Adding Shipping Methods

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Settings > Inventory Settings > Warehouses
Permission: ViewInventory(), *ViewWarehouses()

You must set up shipping methods to calculate shipping. Once you’ve added a warehouse, edit the warehouse to add your shipping methods or set up a Shipping Table.

To add a shipping method:

  1. Click the button on an existing warehouse.

  2. On the Edit Warehouse page, scroll to the bottom and click the + Add Ship Method button.

    The Shipping Method pop-up window opens.

  3. In the pop-up, complete the fields:

    • Name (Required) - Enter a name for the method such as Expedited, Next Day, etc. The name displays in the Corporate Shop, Web Office Store, and eCommerce Shop.

        The default warehouse shipping method name is "Standard Shipping". You’ll want to use something different or edit the default configuration.
    • Regions (Required) - Select any added regions. Different regions have their own way of handling shipping. Only select the regions that use the same shipping method and warehouse.

    • Stores (Required) - Select which Stores have access to the shipping methods you create. For example, having a shipping method only available for Corporate or Wholesale orders.

      • If you’d like a generic shipping method for everyone, select every Region and Store option.

    • Price - Enter the shipping cost.

    • Shipping Cost - Select how to apply the price. Options include:

      • fixedCost - One flat fee for everyone.

      • PerPound - The item’s weight multiplies by the price.

      • Table - Offer a variable rate based on the weight and dimensions of the item. See Setting Up a Shipping Table to learn how.

      • LogisticsProvider - Have your integrated third-party logistics provider handle the shipping calculations.

    • 3PL Code - If you are using a 3PL, enter the provided code.

  4. Click Save Method.

The shipping method is added to the warehouse. You can Edit and Remove the method by clicking the appropriate buttons.

The shipping methods will now appear on the checkout pages of the various stores:

  • In the Corporate Shop, the shipping methods will appear in a dropdown.

  • In the eCommerce Shop, they show up a list under Choose a shipping speed.

  • In the Web Office, they appear in the Shipping Method section.

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