Overview of Stores

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Settings > Inventory Settings > Manage Stores
URL: [CLIENTID].corpadmin.directscale.com/Corporate/Inventory/ManageStores
Permission: ManageStores()

The system groups inventory together into virtual storefronts. This allows some inventory to be available to different Associates Types with access.

For example, you can have:

  • Wholesale items only available in the Web Office Store for Distributor Associates

  • Certain items only available for new enrollments

Default Stores

Corporate Admin comes with pre-configured Stores:

  • Corporate — Items will be available in the Corporate Shop in Corporate Admin.

  • Wholesale — Items will be available in the Web Office Store for Distributor Associate Types.

  • Retail — Items will be available in the eCommerce Shop for Retail Customers.

  • Enroll — Inventory Items Kits will be available to order as a part of the new Associate Enrollment.

  • AutoShip — Items will be available in the Web Office and eCommerce Shop for auto-order and subscription.

  • Rewards — Items with Reward Points.

  • Party — Used for companies that use a party plan.

Adding a Store

This is just one step in creating a custom Store.

  1. Click the + Add Store button to open the Add Store pop-up window.

    Add Store pop-up
  2. In the pop-up, complete the fields.

    • Name (Required) - Assign a name for the Store.

    • Is Point-of-Sale - Optionally, enable if you have an event at a location where the purchaser can pick up their items. Read more: Enabling Is Point-of-Sale.

    • Allow Ordering - Set whether this Store will be able to take orders from within the Corporate Admin.  When enabled, you can choose this store in the Shop drop-down from an Associate's profile.

    • Is Default - The Corporate Store must be the default. Ignore this setting in most cases.

  3. Click Save.

The system assigns added Stores the Type of "Custom".

Custom Store Type
  • You can edit/delete the Store by clicking either the Edit or Delete buttons.

      Do not edit the names of the pre-configured Stores. If you would like to change these names, contact Customer Care.
  • If you selected "Allow Ordering" you can see your added Store on the Associate’s Detail page by expanding the Shop drop-down menu.

    Shop drop-down menu

Enabling Is Point-of-Sale

While adding/editing a Store, you can optionally enable the Is Point-of-Sale setting.

Is Point-of-Sale checkbox

This setting’s relevant if you have an event where the purchaser can pick up their items at a location.

Once enabled, a dropdown appears that allows you to choose a configured warehouse. For this to work, you have to set up a new warehouse for the event location.

Warehouse selection

In the Corporate Shop for this Store, the shipping address section automatically sets to the event warehouse’s address. However, the option to ship to the Associate is still available by clicking the Ship to Associate button.

Event warehouse address
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