Team Dashboard > Orders/Autoships Widget

Team Dashboard > Orders/Autoships widget

The Team Dashboard > Orders/Autoships widget displays the details of the associate’s personal orders and autoships.

Using the Widget

The widget has two tabs by default:


Orders are displayed sorted by the order date; limited to five records.

Clicking View Order History navigates you to the Web Office Order History page.

View Order History link
View Order History link

Clicking the Order # link navigates you to the Order Detail page in Web Office.

Order # link
Order # link


Autoships are displayed sorted by order date; limited to five records.

Clicking Manage Autoship navigates you to the Web Office Manage Autoship page.

Manage Autoship link
Manage Autoship link

Clicking the AutoShip # link navigates you to the Web Office Manage Autoship page, as well.

AutoShip # link
AutoShip # link

Configuring the Widget

Admin: Web Office Admin
Page: Advanced Settings > Widgets
Permission: Setup Widgets

Widget Settings

Orders/Autoships pop-up window
Orders/Autoships pop-up window
  1. Expand the Orders/Autoships section.

  2. Click the button to open the Orders/Autoships pop-up window.

  3. Under the SETTINGS tab, select one or more of Order Statuses types you want to display in the widget.

    Order Statuses include:

    • Waiting Payment
    • Paid
    • Partial Paid
    • Refunded
    • Shipped
    • Partial Shipped
    • Returned
    • Processing RMA
    • Awaiting Shipment
    • Partial Returned
    • Pending Processing
    • Card Declined. Call Issuer.
    • Card Under Review
  4. Select one or more of AutoOrder Statuses types you want to display in the widget.

    AutoOrder Statuses include:

    • Active
    • Inactive

Widget Elements

  1. Under the WIDGET ELEMENTS tab, select the Customer Type.

    Customer Type is another name for Associate Type, read more: Base Associate Types, Associate Types, and Price Groups Explained

  2. Select the Page Name where the widget is located (either the Homepage or Team Dashboard).

  3. Select the markets (i.e., countries) where the changes will apply.

  4. Click the ELEMENTS button.

  5. A series of checkboxes appear where you can select different elements to include in the Web Office Team Dashboard > Orders/Autoships widget.

    Element checkboxes
    Element checkboxes
  6. Click SAVE. Repeat the steps for each market, if necessary.

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