Setting Up Company Branding Colors

Admin: Web Office Admin
Page: Web Office Configuration > Branding
Permission: Branding

The Branding page allows you to add your company’s branding colors to give the Platform your company’s personalized look.

To learn how to use the Branding page to customize other Platform branding elements, see:

Color cards

Four primary colors affect different areas of the Web Office and Corporate Admin:

  • Main Color – Changes the application bar, headers, and text links.
  • Accent Color #1 – Changes the buttons and application bars when called from a button.
  • Accent Color #2 – Changes the selected state, application bar when the action is a pop-up (modal) or temporary window.
  • Accent Color #3 – Changes the selected item in the sidebar list.

For each color:

  1. Click Edit Color on the card.

    The color card flips.

  2. Enter the color’s Hexadecimal code (for example, #FFFFFF).

  3. Select whether you want Light or Dark text to appear over the color.

  4. Click SAVE

Tip: Many browser extensions (such as ColorZilla) or Adobe Color can provide the Hexadecimal code for any color you want.

For eCommerce Shop branding colors, see Setting up eCommerce Shop Branding Colors

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