Adding Company Logos

Admin: Web Office Admin
Page: Web Office Configuration > Branding
Permission: Branding

Add your company logos to give the Platform a personalized look. To learn how to use the Branding page to customize other Platform branding elements, see:

For eCommerce Shop branding logos, see Adding Company Logos in the eCommerce Admin

Logos appear across various locations in the Web Office and Corporate Admin:

  • Large Logo - Color (230 x 230 PNG) – Fully colored logo used on a white background and Login page.
  • Small Logo - White (80 x 80 PNG) – Typically, an all-white logo is used on dark backgrounds and the Web Office navigation bar.
  • Favicon Logo - Color (32 x 32 PNG) – Small logo displayed on the browser tab.
  • Small Logo - Color (250 x 60 PNG) – This will be used on a white background, including the header bar in the Web Office (coming soon).

Important: Logos must be a PNG file type with the exact pixel specifications (see the preceding requirements). Alpha channel transparency is recommended. The maximum file size is 2 MB.

On tile you wish to change/add a logo:

  1. Click the Size Square to upload a logo.

    Your computer’s file finder opens.

  2. Navigate to your image’s saved location on your computer and click Open.

Your logos automatically add to the Corporate Admin.

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