Viewing an Order's Source

Did you know you can easily track the source of an order (where/how it was placed)? When an Associate creates an order, the system logs a unique identifier for the source to the Database.

Order sources include:

  • Unknown - Existing orders will show this type, or if the system can’t determine the source.

  • V1 API - Version 1 of the DirectScale Internal API orders. Order placed in the Web Office and eCommerce Shop will show as this source

  • V2 API - Version 2 of the DirectScale Internal API orders

  • Public API - Public API (V3) orders

  • Corp Admin (Corporate Shop) orders

  • Data Migration - Orders sourced from a previous system that was moved to DirectScale via data migration SQL scripts. These sources must manually be added (OrderSourceID: 4).

  • Import Order - Orders created with the Import External Order API

  • AutoShip - Subscription orders

  • Facade - Orders through the Facade Layer

  • Client Extension - Orders sourced from the preceding methods but run through the Client Extension

    • Unknown Extension

    • Public API Extension

    • V1 API Extension

    • V2 API Extension

    • Corp Admin Extension

    • Import Order Extension

    • AutoShip Extension

    • Facade Extension

  Order sources are not customizable.

Viewing the Order’s Detail

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Associate Detail > Order History > Order Detail
Permission: EditAssociateOrder()

On the order’s Detail page, the Order Source displays in the Order Detail section:

Order Detail

Viewing with the SQL Manager

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Reports > SQL Manager
Permission: SqlManagerAdministrator(), SqlManagerBasic(), or SqlManagerReadOnly()

You may find it helpful to locate and view orders' sources by querying the Database directly. You can do this via the SQL Manager.

  1. In the Enter Query box, enter a SQL query similar to the following example to select the ORD_Order table:

    SELECT * FROM [dbo].[ORD_Order]

    The preceding example shows the top 300 records of the ORD_Order table. To retrieve more specific order source data, you can use the following:

    SELECT OrderSourceID FROM [dbo].[ORD_Order] WHERE recordnumber = <ADD YOUR ORDER NUMBERS HERE>

    Replace <ADD YOUR ORDER NUMBERS HERE> with your list of order numbers to view.

    OrderSourceID is the recordnumber (Primary Key) for the ORD_OrderSource table.

  2. Click the Run button to execute the query.

  3. Click Export to download a CSV file containing the data.

  Using the Data Editor, you can modify an order’s source by editing the OrderSourceID on the ORD_Order table.
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