Viewing an Order's Source

Did you know you can easily track the source of an order (where/how it was placed)? When an Associate creates an order, the system logs a unique identifier for the source to the Database.

Order sources include:

  • Unknown - Existing orders will show this type, or if the system can’t determine the source.

  • V1 API - Version 1 of the DirectScale Internal API orders. Order placed in the Web Office and eCommerce Shop will show as this source

  • V2 API - Version 2 of the DirectScale Internal API orders

  • Public API - Public API (V3) orders

  • Corp Admin (Corporate Shop) orders

  • Data Migration - Orders sourced from a previous system that were moved to DirectScale via data migration SQL scripts. These sources must manually be added (OrderSourceID: 4).

  • Import Order - Orders created with the Import External Order API

  • AutoShip - Subscription orders

  • Facade - Orders through the Facade Layer

  • Client Extension - Orders sourced from the preceding methods but run through the Client Extension

    • Unknown Extension

    • Public API Extension

    • V1 API Extension

    • V2 API Extension

    • Corp Admin Extension

    • Import Order Extension

    • AutoShip Extension

    • Facade Extension

  Order sources are not customizable.

Viewing on the Order’s Detail

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Sales > Orders > Order Detail
Permission: EditAssociateOrder()

On the order’s Detail page, the Order Source displays in the Order Detail section:

Order Detail section > Order Source label

Viewing with the SQL Manager

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Reports > SQL Manager
Permission: SqlManagerAdministrator(), SqlManagerBasic(), or SqlManagerReadOnly()

You may find it helpful to locate and view orders' sources by querying the Database directly. You can do this via the SQL Manager.

  1. In the Query Box, enter a SQL query similar to the following example to select the ORD_Order table:

    SELECT * FROM [dbo].[ORD_Order]

    The preceding example shows the top 300 records of the ORD_Order table. To retrieve more specific order source data, you can use the following:

    SELECT OrderSourceID FROM [dbo].[ORD_Order] WHERE recordnumber = <ADD YOUR ORDER NUMBERS HERE>

    Replace <ADD YOUR ORDER NUMBERS HERE> with your list of order numbers to view.

    OrderSourceID is the recordnumber (Primary Key) for the ORD_OrderSource table.

  2. Click the Run button to execute the query.

  3. Click Export to download a CSV file containing the data.

  Using the Data Editor, you can modify an order’s source by editing the OrderSourceID on the ORD_Order table.
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