Subscriptions (AutoShips, Services, & Memberships) Guide

AutoShips, Services, and Memberships are all Subscriptions but their purposes vary. Basically, AutoShips are product-based, Services are feature-based, and Memberships are access-based. The following sections provide more detail for each type.

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What We’ll Cover

AutoShips (Type 0)

To set up Standard AutoShips:

  1. Select AutoShip frequency options.
  2. Configure AutoShip date rules for Web Office.
  3. Configure AutoShip date rules for the eCommerce Shop.
  4. Set up AutoShip frequency options for the eCommerce Shop.
  5. Set up AutoShip shopping carts for Web Office.
  6. Set up AutoOrder shopping carts for the eCommerce Shop.
  7. Set up AutoShip inventory items.
  8. Learn about AutoShip DailyRun and Retry Rules.

Learn more about managing AutoShips:

  1. Manage AutoShips in the Web Office.
  2. Manage AutoShips in the eCommerce Shop.
  3. Manage Associate’s AutoShips in Corporate Admin.
  4. Review and forecast AutoShips.
  5. Pause an Associate’s AutoShip for a Month.

Services (Type 1)

To set up Services:

  1. Setting up Subscription Service

After setting up your Service, you can:

  1. Test a Subscription Service
  2. View and Edit an Associate’s Subscription Service
  3. Editing a Subscription Service’s Expiration Date

Memberships (Type 2)

To set up a basic Membership:

  1. Setting up a Membership
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