Is It Possible to Add an MP3 Audio File as a Resource for Web Office?


Is it possible to add an MP3 audio file as a resource in Web Office?


Yes! Using the Web Office Admin > Documents and Media page, you can upload all sorts of file types. For MP3 (or other audio types), following these steps provided in the following Help Article:

Read more: Uploading Web Office Documents and Media Resources

After adding the resource, to download it:

  1. In Web Office, navigate to Tools > Documents & Media (/DocumentsAndMedia).

  2. Find and select the category/sub-category where you added the MP3.

  3. Select the resource.

  4. In the resulting sidebar, click the DOWNLOAD button.

    DOWNLOAD button
  5. The MP3 should open in the browser; else, the file will download to your hard drive. Downloaded MP3 in Chrome

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