Release Notes: December 12, 2019


Here’s what’s new with DirectScale the week of December 12th 2019.

Hey there!  We’re glad you found our new outlet for sharing all this cool stuff we’ve been doing!  Every Thursday come back to read about all the enhancements we are rolling out, what bugs got fixed, as well as a super secret peek into what we are working on next. 

For our first week, we’ve been sandbagging a bit, so this list is unusually lengthy. Our teams have been hard at work improving several significant areas of the system. Read on to find out how!


🎁 New Features and 🌟 Enhancements for all!

🎁 New! Saved Query Library [Corporate Office] Save all your amazing SQL queries right in the SQL Manager. (read how)

🎁 New! Resend Welcome Email or Order Confirmation Email [Corporate Office] Resend the welcome or order emails with quick buttons within Associate Details and Order Details. (read how for the welcome email and order email)

🌟 Improved! Custom Reports Page [Corporate Office] All custom, client-created reports moved out of the Associate Reports page into a new Custom Reports page to lay the groundwork for exciting new changes! (read more)

🌟 Improved! Custom Reports Columns Search [Corporate Office] All custom, client-created reports now have a “search” at the top of each column included in the report for ease of refining data by every user. (learn all about custom reports)

🌟 Improved! Email Settings Page [Corporate Office] Email Settings and Email Templates previously were in two different pages. They are now centralized into one page under Administration. (read about it)

🌟 Improved! Retail Shop Support for UserType for Viewers [Retail Shop] Retail Shop Admin now has a new parameter for “user type” configuration, giving you even more control over the enrollment/sign up experience. Use '?Type=1' for affiliate, '?Type=2' retail, or '?Type=3' for preferred customer in your page URLs to create the perfect fit for enrollment and signing up.


🐞 Bugs that have been squashed

🐞Fixed: Autoships Logged Twice in Service Log [Corporate Office] When autoships are created and then successfully processed each action gets a log in the Associate Service Log.  We cleaned up the messaging around both events to make these easier to understand.

🐞Fixed: Dates in Reports Sorting Wrong [Corporate Office] All date columns in reports were sorting as text strings instead of dates. Thankfully this annoyance has been resolved. 

🐞Fixed: Users Not Able to Add/Delete Rows [Corporate Office] In the Administration > Data Manager, users weren’t able to add or delete rows, even with the proper permissions.  Functionality has been restored.

🐞Fixed: Autoships on Feb 29 [Corporate Office / Web Office] Autoships with a start date on the 29th were skipping a full year when they hit Feb 29 because leap years are hard to program around. We’re ready for you 2020. 

🐞Fixed: Status in Reports Wasn’t Sorting [Web Office] The “status” column in the Report Center wasn’t sorting. Now it does.

🐞Fixed: Fixed Chat Widget Spacing [Web Office] There was some odd spacing when there were multiple recipients in the “TO:” line. That has been cleaned up to look nicer.

🐞Fixed: Continue Redirects to Product Page, not Login [Retail Shop] Sometimes when you clicked “Continue” in the cart you were taken to the product page instead of the login page. This confusing behavior has been remedied. 

🔮 What cool things are we working on

  • Even more Corporate Office reporting enhancements to make it easier to create and distribute reports to your internal team. 
  • Some small changes to the Inventory area in Corporate Office to remove broken or unused functionality.
  • Better backup options for when tax providers go down. 

Is something missing from this list?  Report bugs that you’ve found to our amazing Support Team by chatting them in product or submitting a request here.  

Do you have a cool idea for a new feature?  Join the community discussion to suggest new features and see other ideas you might have never thought of here


  • I'm not finding the sort order on dates to be resolved. It's sorting by month and day of the month, but not be year. Hence, when I run a report from a back office that includes enrollment date sorted by date (ascending order), all of my January 1 enrollment dates come first rather than my 2015 enrollment dates. I've tried changing the sort and re-applying, but I still get a sort by month/day that doesn't consider year.

  • Huntley, I believe you are referencing this bug that was fixed: Fixed: Dates in Reports Sorting Wrong [Corporate Office] All date columns in reports were sorting as text strings instead of dates. Thankfully this annoyance has been resolved. 

    This was fixed for Corporate Office which is Disco/Corpadmin, I see you are referring to Report Center in the Back Web Office. I will submit a bug for that sort order with the details you provided. Thanks for reaching out! 


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