Inadvertently Triggered Payments to a Test Associate


We inadvertently triggered payments to a test account. When issuing payment, I unchecked the boxes not to get paid, but I need to remove them from the payables permanently. How do I do this?


Moving the Payments

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Commissions > Payables
Permission: ViewCommissions(), ViewPayables()

  1. Expand the arrow on the accounts.

  2. You will see a Move button. If clicked, you can force it to forfeit the payment and give a reason behind why (like "this is a corporate account). This action will move that payment to the Forfeit tab; meaning, commissions earned will not have the payout option.

    Move button

Read more: Reviewing and Adjusting Payables

Prevent Future Accidental Payments

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Administration > Associate Statuses
Permission: ViewAdministration()

To prevent test payments from ending up under the Pay tab, you can create an Associate status.

  1. Create a status called “Corporate” or something similar.

  2. Select the Forfeit Commission Status so that commissions are forfeited automatically if a person is set to that status.

    Add Associate Status pop-up window
  3. On the test Associate’s Detail page, change the status to the new status.

    Change Status pop-up window

What happens to forfeits? Do they stay on a list forever?

The payable will eventually expire and won’t remain on the page forever. The forfeited payables stay out of the way, under the Forfeit tab, when making payments, so there isn’t the risk of paying them out.

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