Full Access User Can't Access Admin Pages


I am a new Admin user whose company has granted me the Full Access Role. However, when I log in to eCommerce Admin, I don’t see all the pages.

Restricted eCommerce Admin

If I’m a Full Access user, why can’t I see those pages?


Contact your corporate Administrator to have them select you for a proper Role in Web Office Admin. Access Roles have to be set in both Corporate Admin and Web Office Admin by an Administrator-level user. These permissions affect eCommerce Admin.

Users and Roles page

The new Admin user flow is:

  1. The Corporate Administrator creates the new user in Corporate Admin.

  2. The Corporate Administrator then shares the username/password with the new user.

  3. The new user logs in to Web Office Admin via [CLIENTID].admin.directscale.com.

  4. The Corporate Administrator then opens Web Office Admin > Administration > Users and Roles:

    1. They locate the new user.
    2. Assigns them a relevant Role.
  5. The new user now has proper access to the Corporate Admin, Web Office Admin, and eCommerce Admin.

  6. The new user changes their password.

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