Showing the Merchant Payment Currency Type

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Administration > Advanced Settings > Commission
Permission: ViewAdministration(), ViewAdvancedSettings()

By default, payments display in the base currency USD. However, if you make payments in other currencies, you have the option to show/hide the correct currency type. The Show Merchant Payment Currency setting displays the currency code of commission payments made to the merchant.

With this setting enabled:

  • The Payment Details section on the Associate’s Detail > Commissions page the correct currency code, exchange rate, and payment amount associated with the batch, whether the currency is the base currency USD or any other currency.
  • The Total Paid column on the Payment Approval (In Progress), Payment Approval (History), and Paid pages with the correct amount. The total paid value is formatted in this way {CurrencySymbol}{Amount} {CurrencyCode}. For example, €1,027.92 EUR.

The currency symbol is dynamically pulled from Administration > Currency.

To enable, on Advanced Settings > Commission:

  1. Locate the Money Out section.

    Money Out section
  2. Select the Show Merchant Payment Currency checkbox.

    Show Merchant Payment Currency
  3. Click Save Changes.

Learn how to test if the correct currency displays

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