Can I Edit the Description on an Imported Order's Detail Page?


I’ve imported some orders and want to update the Description on the order’s Detail page. Can this be done after the fact? From where does this data get pulled?

Order item Description


Important: You should only undertake this process in rare instances.

Although labeled as Description, this is the inventory item’s name. The order’s Detail page pulls this Description data from the ORD_OrderDetail table. After an order is created, the inventory item’s name is pulled in and saved. This is because if the inventory item’s data changed, the older orders wouldn’t be affected.

To change an order’s Description, you’ll have to modify the ORD_OrderDetail table.

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Tools > Developer Tools > Data Editor
Permission: EditSqlEditorAdvanced()

  1. Navigate to the Data Editor.

  2. Under the SQL tab, use the following query:

    UPDATE ORD_OrderDetail
    SET ProductName = 'Some New Description'
    WHERE OrderNumber = <Order Number HERE>
    AND SkuID = <The ID of the Item>
    • SET ProductName = 'Some New Description' - Add your new inventory item name for the order.

    • WHERE OrderNumber = <Order Number HERE> - Add the order number here. You can find the order number on the order’s Detail page.

      Order Number
    • AND SkuID = <The ID of the Item> - Narrow the results by the Item ID. You can find an item’s ID on the item’s Detail configuration page.

      Item ID
  3. Click Run.

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