Report Functionality and User Interface

This section covers the essential reporting tools in the Corporate Admin and Web Office.

Corporate Admin

All the reports in Corporate Admin feature similar functionality. When you select a report name, you navigate to the report’s page. Every report features a table populated with data pulled from the Database.

Reports featuring a period selector let you select a reporting date range.

Date range selection
Period Selector

Filter Dropdowns

Many reports feature filters that let you narrow the report to specified columns.

Report filter (Countries)
Report filter (Rank)

Search and Export

All pre-built reports have a search bar and the ability to export to CSV (spreadsheet).

Search bar

The search bar filters the report table to show only the rows with your search query.


All reports feature pagination.

Report pagination


Sort report columns in ascending/descending alphabetical order by clicking the column headers.

Sort order

Custom reports feature column search bars that filter the data shown to your search query.

Search filters

Search terms must match the exact data in the Database to display. Use the existing data in the report to determine how to structure the data in that column.

Web Office

The Web Office reports feature a variety of functionality.

Report Center

Report Center reports feature checkboxes that, when checked, open the Team Chat.

New Chat selection
  1. Check multiple boxes to create a group message.

    Group message selection
  2. Click the column headings to change the sort order.

    Sort order
  3. Click an Associate name to navigate to their Web Office Team Dashboard in a slide-out panel.

    Team Dashboard

Commissions Report

The Commissions report features a sidebar that lists the commissions for either Monthly or Weekly periods.

Commissions sidebar

Click an entry in the sidebar to display a Commission Breakdown report.

Commission Breakdown report

Pay History Report

The Pay History report features a sidebar with a Show drop-down that filters the payment type.

Pay History sidebar filters

The sidebar lists the projected (highlighted in red) and paid commissions.

Click an entry to load the report on the page.

Pay History sidebar

The commissions check displays the amount paid or projected to pay.

Commissions check

Below the check is a Commission Breakdown report for the selected period.

Commission Breakdown section

Order History Report

The Order History report lists the Associate’s order with an option to VIEW ORDER.

View Order selection
  1. Enter an Associate’s name in the View as field to view a downline Associate’s order history.

    View as field
  2. Like other Web Office reports, click the column headings to change the sort order.

    Sort order

Volume History Report

The Volume History report reports the Associate volume accumulation for a certain period.

  1. Select a beginning and ending date for the period.

    Date range selection
  2. Click Apply.

    The report displays the data from the selected period.

    Filtered Volume History results
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