Receiving the Return

If you have received the customer’s return, you can change the return’s status to "Received" on the order’s Detail page.

Locating the Order Detail

In Corporate Admin, to find an order’s Detail page, there are several methods:

  1. You can click the dropdown next to the search bar and select Orders on the Search Associates page. The page becomes the Search Orders page, where you can search by order number.

  2. If you are on an Associate’s Detail page, you can click the Order History tab. Select the period, if necessary, and find the order in the list.

Whichever method you use to find the order, to navigate to the order’s Detail page, you click the Order Number link.

Order Number link

Marking the Order Received

  1. Scroll down to locate the RMA section.

  2. Click the Mark Received button.

    Mark Received button

    You navigate to the Receive RMA Order page

    Receive RMA Order page
  3. On the Receive RMA Order page, enter the Quantity (Qty) Received.

  4. Enter the Quantity (Qty) Damaged in the return, if applicable.

  5. In the Port Charges field, enter the amount of any port charges for the return, if applicable.

    Select the currency, if different than US Dollars (USD).

  6. Click Process Receiving.

You navigate back to the order’s Detail page.

  You can also use the Receiving page to receive RMAs. Learn more in Receiving Inventory

Now that the RMA items have been received, you can refund the order.

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