How to Receive Support from DirectScale

Customers (clients and partners) are the lifeblood of DirectScale. Our ability to solve problems together is critical to our mutual success. We want to make sure that, when challenges arise, you know what to do to reach a successful outcome.

The following is the official DirectScale support policy. It outlines what to do when your teams need support. This process is the same regardless of the escalation level.

For a brief overview of the proper channels to contact when in need, refer to our quick step guide below:

  • Prep: Launch Assistance

    Start your experience with DirectScale by learning how to set up, implement, launch, and use the Platform. This required, step-by-step training will empower you so you can use Customer Care for more critical help questions.

  • Step 1: Visit the Help Center

    A comprehensive library of how-to content to enable you to find solutions.

  • Step 2: Contact Customer Care

    Our Care team is available for quick questions and guidance on using the Platform.

  • Step 3: Schedule Time with Consulting

    Consulting is a paid service that recommends mapped out solutions with clear steps for you to take to your developer, partner, or 3rd party provider.

Prep: Launch Assistance

Self-Guided and Assisted Launch Training

We want you to start off right and have a smooth transition to our Platform. Starting a new system can be tricky and often confusing. Having initial training can relieve stress and frustrations by giving you a thorough understanding of each application of the DirectScale Platform.

This training is currently delivered on-demand in the Get Started area of the Help Center and includes on-demand training guides and videos about setting up, customizing, and launching each app on the DirectScale Platform.

Step 1: Visit the Help Center

The Help Center is a knowledge base full of resources to empower you to own your Platform.

That includes:

Step 2: Contact Customer Care

Customer Care is the first point of contact.

If you have any questions or issues and you cannot find an answer in the Help Center, go through our Customer Care team.

Also known as Support, the Customer Care team consists of experts behind the chat feature and ticket requests.

There are two main reasons to contact Care before anyone else:

  1. It allows DirectScale to track all encounters

    Having an initial point of contact allows us to have a paper trail for data, escalation, and improvement. Not using Customer Care first causes requests to get lost in disconnected methods of communication such as side conversations, emails, and texts sent to non-Customer Care individuals.

    We do not want to lose any requests for support, so starting with Customer Care gives you a way to feel better about us tracking your request from start to finish.

  2. Customer Care is the go-to team for troubleshooting at DirectScale

    The Customer Care team are experts familiar with every part of the Platform. This team can quickly solve issues by troubleshooting or teaching, often without the need to escalate.

    If an escalation is needed, they know the exact DirectScale team to reach out to resolve the problem. Contacting anyone outside of Customer Care first delays our response and speedy attention to your issue.

This is the standard flow for general support. For bugs/outages/etc., refer to the Escalation Protocol.

Ways to Contact Us

  • Live Chat – Available during business hours (Mon–Fri 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM MT). Access to Live Chat for questions, issues, bugs, teaching, and support can be found by clicking the Help buttonbutton in each Admin area of the Platform and in the Help Center.

  • HelpDesk – Submitting a bug or ticket to the Customer Care team is done via the HelpDesk form through the Submit a Bug link in the Help Center.

  • Email – You can reach Customer Care by email at

✨ Live Chat and Email Support are available to Business and Premium Tiers.

Step 3: Schedule Time with Consulting

If there is anything that you need to learn to do outside of your Platform Support package or basic functionality of the system, Consulting can provide you with knowledge and solutions to accomplish more with the Platform.

Consulting is available to help you architect solutions for specific business goals, desired applications, or ongoing projects within the DirectScale Platform. This paid service will help you lay the foundation for your own developers or solution provider.

Launch Assistance

  • Implementation Consultants will show you how to best make use of features included with your Platform package and strategize your platform launch.
  • Mentoring through the entire launch process to empower your team with the confidence and skills to configure the Platform exactly how you want it.
  • Right audience (“Just-in-Time”) education on our tools and industry best practices

Note: While we will teach you how to best utilize the features within the DirectScale Platform we will not adjust or make any changes to your account. You will be responsible for taking action recommended by Implementation Consultants.

Consultation Services

  • Consulting – When you need to configure your Platform beyond the basics, Consulting can be a great resource to design solutions through the help of our experts.

    They will provide you with:

    • Recommended solutions that are mapped out with clear steps on how to execute the project
    • This may result in a developer-to-developer consulting session to provide more in-depth solutions
  • Developer Consulting – Customizing your Platform can be occasionally difficult and your developers may just need an inside source to talk through problems. Meeting with our experts and developers can help your developers design solutions that haven’t been solved (or documented) before.

    They will provide you with:

    • Recommended solutions that are mapped out with clear steps on how to execute the project from a development perspective
    • A level 1 dev design or basic wireframes may be provided for your developer or to take to a 3rd party solution provider

Note: While DirectScale is not a custom development service, we will recommend solutions and known partners for development to execute your custom solution.

For more complex projects that require a developer consultation, expect at least:

  • A one hour Voice of the Customer (VOC) to understand the problem
  • One hour of solutioning
  • One hour of strategizing the execution per request

We’re Here for You

DirectScale is focused on your success as a company and wants your experience with our product to be extraordinary. We hope that these steps will better your experience as you master our Platform to accomplish your vision. DirectScale is here to empower you to do great things.

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