Creating Purchase Orders

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Settings > Inventory Settings > Purchase Orders
Permission: ViewPurchaseOrders()

With purchase orders, you can create an invoice to send to your vendor to replenish stock.

  When you add a purchase order, the system does not send any notification to the vendor. You are responsible for sending the purchase order to the applicable vendor for stock replenishment.

Before You Start

To create a purchase order, you must have the following set up:

Creating a Purchase Order

To create a purchase order:

  1. Click the + Add PO button.

    You navigate to the Purchase Order page.

    Purchase Order page
  2. On the Purchase Order page, complete the following fields:

    • Vendor (Required) - Select an added vendor from the dropdown.

    • Warehouse (Required) - Select an added warehouse from the dropdown.

    • Shipping Method - Enter the name of an added shipping method.

    • Notes - Enter any additional information.

  3. Next, you can add inventory items to the purchase order:

    • Click the + Add Item button.

      The Add Item pop-up window opens.

      Add Item pop-up
    • In the pop-up, complete the fields:

      • Item - Select an inventory item SKU from the dropdown.

      • Qty - Enter the quantity you want to purchase.

      • Price Each - Enter how much the vendor charges for the item. The Price Each is multiplied by the Quantity.

    • Click Add Item to add the item. The item will appear below the form in a list.

      Line Items list

      Repeat the steps to add additional items to the purchase order.

  4. Back on the Purchase Order page, click Save. You navigate back to the Inventory > Purchase Orders page.

Your new purchase order sorts in the Purchase Orders List.

Purchase Orders List

Downloading the Purchase Order

To send the purchase order to your vendor, you’ll need to download it.

From the Purchase Orders List:

  1. On an added purchase order record, click the button.

  2. On the resulting printer dialog box, click the Destination dropdown and select Save as PDF. The PDF downloads to your computer.

  3. Attach the PDF to your vendor communication.

Marking the Purchase Order Shipped

After your vendor receives the purchase order, they will notify you when they’ve shipped the items. When you receive this communication, change the status of the purchase order to "Shipped".

From the Purchase Orders List:

  1. On the relevant purchase order, click the button. The Ship PO pop-up window opens.

  2. In the pop-up, click Mark Shipped to confirm the shipment. The page updates, removing the and buttons; the only option is Print.

Receive the Shipment

When your warehouse receives the shipment from your vendor, you can mark the shipment as "Received" from the Inventory > Receiving page.

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