Associate Stats Not Updating (Stale Stats)


Associate Stats aren’t updating when they should; this is known as going “stale”.


Many parts of the system put an Associate on the Stats Queue because something has changed. Being on the Stats Queue doesn’t necessarily mean the stats have changed. Still, any changes that could affect stats are put through the stats engine to evaluate whether they’re getting more volume for the next period.

There are many reasons stats can go stale, but the following are good starting points to try to remedy the problem:

  1. Wait at least an hour after for the stats to update.

If it’s been longer than an hour, you can force the Associate on the Stats Queue by:

  1. In an Associate’s Detail page, click Edit Associate.

    You navigate to the Edit Associate page.

  2. Click the Save Changes button.

    Note: Any edit to the Associate will add them to the Stats Queue and rebuild their stats. However, it’s not necessary to make any edits on this page. Saving the page adds the Associate to the Stats Queue.

If either of the preceding fails to resolve the issue, there may be a problem in your compensation plan causing the stats not to work:

  1. Ensure you’ve set the correct template to track stats.

  2. Check your compensation plan for errors.

    If your plan includes the Stage environment, run a test Commission Profile. If it errors, then you have issues with your Compensation Plan.

    View Compensation Plan resources on the Developers site.

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