Creating Custom Stores

Custom Stores allow you to segment products with pricing only available to those you allow access to the Store, or if you want to use a different payment provider or warehouse other than your standard options.

Key points:

  • You select your custom Store for certain Inventory or inventory prices making them only available in the Store.

  • You map a payment provider to your custom Store.

  • You restrict who can access the store based on their Associate Type, Rank, Region, or other Multi-faceted Configurations.

  Products available in different Stores must be purchased in separate transactions.

To create a custom Store:

  1. Add a new store in Corporate Admin.

  2. Edit an existing Price Adjustment or set up a new one for your Inventory Items, tied to your new Store.

  3. Set up a new warehouse and shipping method.

  4. Edit an existing payment provider map or add a new one that’s tied to your new Store.

  5. Add a custom shopping cart in Web Office Admin.

    Steps specific to custom stores:

    • Select Custom Shopping Cart in the Cart Type dropdown.

    • Select your Shipping Method created in step 3 in the Default Ship Method dropdown.

    • Select your Store name in the WebID dropdown.

      After adding the cart, copy the CartID from the Cart Type column (your CartID will look similar to this: c72525ca-eae1-439f-b4e2-9681c50aee6d).

  6. Add a new navigation link.:

    • In the Link Name field, copy and paste the following URL:

      /OrderProductList?storeTitle=[STRING KEY OF STORE NAME]&cartId=[CART ID FROM ADMIN]

    • In the URL, replace:

      • [STRING KEY OF STORE NAME] - The new Store’s name is formatted with underscores instead of any spaces (i.e., New_Store_Name)

      • [CART ID FROM ADMIN] - The Card ID you copied from step 5.

          This URL is extremely case-sensitive and must be entered in the exact format. For example, /OrderProductList?storeTitle=New_Store&cartId=c72525ca-eae1-439f-b4e2-9681c50aee6d.
  7. In navigation link configuration, use Multi-Faceted Configuration to restrict who can see the link (and, therefore, access the Store). You can use the Custom Configurations field for more advanced and specific customization. For example, User.AssociateEnrollmentDate <= '2021-03-04'.

  8. Open Web Office (via direct link or Impersonate in Office) and test the link in the navigation bar. If successful, a Web Office Store will display your new Store’s specific products.

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