Creating Custom Stores

Custom Stores allow you to segment products with pricing only available to those you allow access to the Store, or if you want to use a different payment provider or warehouse other than your standard options.

Key points:

  • You select your custom Store for certain Inventory or inventory prices making them only available in the Store.
  • You map a payment provider to your custom Store.
  • You restrict who can access the store based on their Associate Type, Rank, Region, or other Multi-faceted Configurations.

Note: Products available in different Stores must be purchased in separate transactions.

To create a custom Store:

  1. Add a new store in Corporate Admin.

  2. Edit an existing Price Adjustment or set up a new one for your Inventory Items, tied to your new Store.

  3. Set up a new warehouse and shipping method..

  4. Edit an existing payment provider map or add a new one that’s tied to your new Store.

  5. Add a custom shopping cart in Web Office Admin.

    Steps specific to custom stores:

    1. Select Custom Shopping Cart in the Cart Type dropdown.
    2. Select your Shipping Method created in step 3 in the Default Ship Method dropdown.
    3. Select your Store name in the WebID dropdown.

    After adding the cart, copy the CartID from the Cart Type column (your CartID will look similar to this: c72525ca-eae1-439f-b4e2-9681c50aee6d).

  6. Add a new navigation link.:

    1. In the Link Name field, copy and paste the following URL:

      /OrderProductList?storeTitle=[STRING KEY OF STORE NAME]&cartId=[CART ID FROM ADMIN]

    2. In the URL, replace:

      • [STRING KEY OF STORE NAME] - The new Store’s name formatted with underscores instead of any spaces (i.e., New_Store_Name)
      • [CART ID FROM ADMIN] - The Card ID you copied from step 5.

    Important: This URL is extremely case-sensitive and must be entered in the exact format. For example, /OrderProductList?storeTitle=New_Store&cartId=c72525ca-eae1-439f-b4e2-9681c50aee6d

  7. In navigation link configuration, use Multi-Faceted Configuration to restrict who can see the link (and, therefore, access the Store). You can use the Custom Configurations field for more advanced and specific customization. For example, User.AssociateEnrollmentDate <= '2021-03-04'.

  8. Open Web Office (via direct link or Impersonate in Office) and test the link in the navigation bar. If successful, a Web Office Store will display your new Store’s specific products.

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