Where Do I find Order Tax Information?


Where can I find tax information for orders?


The DirectScale system only records tax information at the order level. You can find the information in the following Database tables:

  • Ord_OrderTax: Stores tax rate information corresponding to the location from where the Associate created the order, the IDs of the products they purchased, and the total amount of taxes charged.
  • ORD_OrderTotals: Stores tax information corresponding to the total amount of taxes charged, the taxable amount for the subtotals, the Tax Provider used, and the relatedTaxTransID number.
  1. Using the SQL Manager, search for the table that stores the information you need.

  2. In the table, you can see an order’s tax information in the Tax related columns.

Suppose these tables don’t contain all the information you need. In that case, you’ll need to get more detailed order information from your tax provider.

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