Re-running Failed Orders in Web Office


In the Web Office, after an Associate places an order, they may see one of the following statuses on their Order History page:

  • “Waiting Payment”
  • “Payment Failed”
  • “Payment Declined”
  • “Card declined. Call issuer”

These statuses mean there was something wrong with the order’s payment method.


The Associate receives an email containing instructions for what to do when their payment fails. You can customize this email in Corporate Admin: Editing Email Templates.

A one-time order that failed must be processed again manually, or the Associate can create a new order. AutoShips will also have to be manually processed unless you have custom code or Retry Rules set to try AutoShip orders again after a certain time.

One of the Associate’s options is to correct their payment method issues and then re-run the order.

Correcting Payment Method

Site: Web Office
Page: Account > Billing

If the Associate used a debit or credit card to pay for the order, then they can delete the failed payment card and add a new one:

  1. Locate the Account > Billing > Add Payment Methods widget.
  2. Locate the failed payment card and click the icon to delete the failed payment card.
  3. A pop-up opens requesting confirmation. Click DELETE to confirm.
  4. Click ADD NEW CARD. The Add Payment Method pop-up window opens where you can enter the card details.

Important: The Add Payment Methods widget only works with an Office Shopping Cart Type. Other Cart Types such as Custom Shopping Cart will not work. Read more about Setting Up Shopping Carts

Re-Running the Order

Site: Web Office
Page: Orders > Order History

With a valid payment method, the Associate can now re-run the order on the Order History page:

  1. On the failed order, click RE-RUN ORDER. You navigate to the order’s Checkout page.
  2. Select a valid Payment Method.
  3. Ensure all other info is correct.
  4. Select the checkboxes to accept the terms.
  5. Click FINISH.

Note: To turn the Re-Run order feature off, contact Customer Care.

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