Testing the Marketing Sites Widget

The Web Office Home > Marketing Sites widget displays your company’s replicated/shop site URL and the number of visitors and enrollers. After going through the checklists in the Get Started section and setting up this widget, you’ll want to test it to ensure that its functionality meets your expectation and needs.

  • Do this on your Live environment.

  • Do this for every market you have set up.

  Report any errors you find to Customer Care or your DirectScale contact.

Before You Start

Testing the Widget

To test the widget:

  1. Impersonate your test Associate’s Web Office

    • Or navigate to [CLIENTID].office2.directscale.com and login with your test Associate’s credentials.

  2. Locate where you added the Marketing Sites widget.

    • Click the My Marketing Website Link. The linked page should open in a new tab.

    • Click the Share icon. The widget should flip, presenting a variety of share options.

      • Copy Link - Clicking copies the Marketing Site link to your clipboard. Try to paste the link in the address bar.

      • Email - Opens your chosen mail app with the link added to the email body.

      • Facebook - Opens Facebook; creates a new post with the link added to the body.

      • Twitter - Opens Twitter; creates a new post with the link added to the body.

      • Pinterest - Opens Pinterest; creates a new post with the link added to the body.

      • Team Messenger - Opens a New Chat with the link added to the body.

    Try each option and see if the expected result occurs.

    • Click the X to flip the widget back to the front.

  3. Click the Manage Sites link. This link should take you to the Web Office > Settings > Marketing Site page. The Associate can edit their marketing site name from the Website Addresses widget.

    • Click the Edit icon. The widget should flip, allowing you to edit the Website Name (webalias).

      Website Name
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