Testing Checklist

After going through the checklists in the Get Started section, it’s time to test all the various elements of the Platform you’ve set up to ensure that everything is working correctly.

  • Do this on your Live environment.
  • Do this for every market you have set up.

Before You Start

If you would like, you can print this page and follow along.

Reminder: If you have any questions or need assistance with any of the steps, contact Customer Care.

The following are the critical areas of the DirectScale Platform that require testing. Follow each guide and check the boxes to keep track of each section you complete. The boxes will stay checked even if you leave this page and come back later!

Corporate Admin

Test your compensation plan.

Test emails.

Test inventory items.

Test money in payment provider integration.

Test money out payment provider integration.

Test Fraud Prevention integration.

Test the full order flow.

Test shipping.

Test taxes.

Test AutoShips.

Test Service Subscriptions.

Test if the correct currency displays.

Test Associate statuses

Test commissions.

Test the Corporate Admin Visual Tree.

Web Office

Test the Home > Business Snapshot widget.

Test the Home > Marketing Sites widget.

Test the Team Dashboard.

Test Team Chat.

Test Commission and Pay History reports.

Test the Report Center.

Test the Web Office Visual Tree.

Test inventory items.

Test the full order flow.

Test AutoShips.

Test if the correct currency displays.

eCommerce Shop

Note: This section covers testing the DirectScale-built eCommerce experience. For other integrations, follow your solution provider’s testing plan.

Test inventory items.

Test enrollment.

Test the full order flow.

Test if the correct currency displays.

Test AutoShips.

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