Initial Setup Checklist

This checklist gives you an initial blow-by-blow of what it takes to get started with DirectScale. Follow each guide and check the boxes to keep track of each section you complete. The boxes will stay checked even if you leave this page and come back later!

If you would like, you can print this page and follow along.

Important: If you have any questions or need assistance with any of the steps, contact Customer Care by clicking the Help button in the corner of your screen.

Before You Start

You should check out our handy Introduction to the DirectScale Platform. This guide will give you an overview of how to use the admins, as well as some common interface elements.

Note: If you come to a task and find that you don’t have assets to complete the task (logos, for example), feel free to continue forward and return to the task once the assets are complete.

First Steps

Guide: Platform Setup Guide

Set up a custom domain and SSL certificate

Set Up default webalias

Configure trees

Enter company details in the Corporate Admin, Web Office Admin, and eCommerce Admin.

Set up company branding colors in the Web Office Admin and eCommerce Admin.

Add company logos in the Web Office Admin and eCommerce Admin.

Create and assign employee permission roles

Setup corporate employee accounts

Managing Admin users and roles

Set up Shopping Carts

Learn how to add new Associate Types

Configure Back Office IDs

Customize Replicated Site URLs

Integrate with a Payment Provider (Merchant)

Guide: Payment Provider Integration Guide

Learn about the system default commissions payment method:

Set up and pay commissions with checks

Integrate with a payment processing merchant:

Integrate with a payment processing merchant

Map payment methods

Test your payment processing integration

Integrate with a commission payment merchant:

Integrate with a commission payment merchant

Test commission payments

Integrate with a Tax Service Provider

Guide: Tax Provider Integration Guide

Set up tax services

Select tax error behavior

View the Fallback Tax Reconciliation report

Add tax classes

Test your tax integration

Set up Inventory Items and Pricing

Guide: Inventory Items and Pricing Guide

Add categories

Add an inventory item

Enter the Item’s Name and Details

Configure inventory item data

Add inventory prices and discounts

Configure item options

Select item images

Learn how to delete an Inventory Item

Learn How to Manage Inventory

Guide: Inventory Management Guide

Inventory organization:

Learn about stores


Configure Warehouses and Shipping Methods

Learn about Shipping Synchronization

Stock tracking:

Learn about managing stock levels


Learn how to add Vendors and create Purchase Orders

Learn how to transfer and receive inventory

Manage Associates

Guide: Associates Guide

Find Associates

Add Associates

Edit Associates

Add Associate statuses or change Associate statuses

View an Associate’s Detail Summary

View an Associate’s rank advancement

View Associate Trees

Make Tree movements

Manage Associate’s Websites and BackOffice

Impersonate an Associate’s Web Office login

Test Order Creation

Guide: Testing and Creating Orders Guide

Learn about the Test Merchant

Learn about Offline Payments

Create orders for Associates in the Corporate Shop

View an order’s Detail page

Learn how to edit an order

Learn how to cancel an order

View an Associate’s order history

Integrate with a Third-Party Logistics Provider (3PL)

Integrating with Visible SCM (IntegraCore)

Setting up the FTP Site for Logistics

Email Templates and Settings

Guide: Email Templates and Settings Guide

Enable email templates

Set up the Email Templates Subject field

Integrate with a third-party SMTP service

Configure SMTP settings

Edit email templates

Learn about Email Variables

Simulate email events

Communication Settings

Guide: Communication Guide

Corporate communication settings and use:

Update an Associate’s corporate communications

Resend an Associate’s Welcome Email

Resend an Associate’s Order Receipt

Web Office communication setting and use:

Customize notifications in Web Office

Select corporate email and text settings

Configure Web Office communication settings

Learn about Web Office Team Chat

Program Your Compensation Plan

Learn about the DirectScale Default Compensation Plan

Learn about the Grid Compensation Plan Editor

Learn about the XML Compensation Plan Editor

Create a compensation plan

Add compensation plan rank values to the database

Configure Trees

Add Volume and Bonus Amounts to inventory items

Set a Bonus Paid amount

Adjust Associate commission volume

Test your compensation plan

Audit and Pay Commissions

Guide: Auditing and Paying Commissions Guide

Create a commission profile

Audit commission profiles

Create commission overrides

Commit commission profiles

Review and adjust payables

Approve payments

Manage paid commissions

Enable/disable commission clawbacks

Set up AutoShip

Guide: AutoShips Guide

Select AutoShip frequency options

Configure AutoShip date rules for Web Office

Configure AutoShip date rules for the eCommerce Shop

Set up AutoShip shopping carts for Web Office

Set up AutoOrder Shopping Carts for the eCommerce Shop

Setting up AutoShip inventory items

Set up AutoShip DailyRun and retry rules

Manage AutoShips in the Web Office

Pausing an Associate’s AutoShip for a month

Manage AutoShips in the eCommerce Shop

Manage Associate’s AutoShips in Corporate Admin

Review and forecast AutoShips

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