Testing the Business Snapshot

The Home > Business Snapshot widget gives your Associates a quick glimpse at their progress. After going through the checklists in the Get Started section and setting up the KPI for the widget’s tiles, you’ll want to ensure that valid data pulls in and displays.

  • Do this on your Live environment.

  • Do this for each of your Stores (mainly Corporate, Wholesale, Retail).

  • Do this for every market you have set up.

  Report any errors you find to Customer Care or your DirectScale contact.

Before You Start

Testing the Widget

To test:

  1. Impersonate your test Associate’s Web Office

    • Or navigate to [CLIENTID].office2.directscale.com and login with your test Associate’s credentials.

  2. Locate where you added the Business Snapshot widget.

    • Each tile should show the appropriate data.

    • When you click the tile, more details should display.

    • Clicking the Business Dashboard link opens the Associate’s Team Dashboard in a slide-out panel.

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