Payment Merchant Providers Integration Guide

This guide will show you how to integrate your system with a payment processor (money-in) and a commission payment (money-out) merchant provider.

Integrating involves entering credentials given to you by your provider and mapping in which stores and regions that provider will be available. Once integrated with a payment processor, you’ll be able to receive payments from orders and Subscriptions in the various stores.

When you are integrated with a commission merchant provider you’ll be able to pay out commissions earned by Associates.

  1. Payment Processor Merchant Integration.

  2. Commission Payment Merchant Integration.

    Additional optional settings:

    1. Add a commission payable-level fee.
    2. Add a paycheck-level fee.
    3. Add a minimum paycheck threshold.
    4. Show the merchant payment currency type.
    5. Map commission merchants.
  3. Test Your Payment Processor Integration

  4. Test commission payments.

Provider Integration Guides

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