Release Notes: September 16, 2021


Here’s What’s New with DirectScale for the Week of September 16, 2021.

Version: 1.0.4879.0

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🎁 New Public API for Validating Login

We added a new endpoint for the Validate Public API called POST Validate Login. This endpoint validates a username/password combination and supports special characters (like # or %) in the password.

Example request body:

  "username": "myUserName",
  "password": "aSecurePa$$word123#"

This addition replaces the obsolete GET Validate Login—the endpoint did not support all special symbols as some are reserved for URLs. 

Note: GET Validate Login will still work for any clients using it. 

📝 Help Center and Developer Docs

🎉 New!

✨ Improved!

🌄 What’s on the Horizon?

  • Redesigning the Corporate Admin UI
  • New dashboard and reports
  • Corporate Admin Settings Reference Guide

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