Testing DirectScale Emails

  If you’re using a third-party service like ZipLingo, follow the testing procedure with your provider.

If you’re using the internal DirectScale email templates, after going through the checklists in the Get Started section and setting up DirectScale emails, you can test their functionality and appearance in Corporate Admin.

  • Do this on your Live environment.

  • Do this for each of your Stores (mainly Corporate, Wholesale, Retail).

  • Do this for every market you have set up.

  Report any errors you find to Customer Care or your DirectScale contact.

Before You Start

Simulating Emails

  1. Select an email type from the Event dropdown.

  2. Enter the necessary information in the fields.

    Text fields

    Use the test Associate’s Associate ID (or DirectScale ID) found on their Detail page.

    Associate ID
  3. Click the Preview Email button.

Testing Emails

It’s a good idea to test emails by creating the event that triggers them with your test Associate.

Each email sends based on a specific event, such as:

  • Order Submitted - Use your test Associate to create an order.

  • Customer/Distributor Enrollment - Enroll a new customer/Distributor under your test Associate.

  • AutoShip Error - This one is tricky to test. The primary way AutoShips error is if the payment card is declined. You could potentially create an AutoShip with your test Associate using a payment method with no money in the account.

After completing each event, check to see if you received an email.

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