DirectScale Emails Overview

DirectScale Email Templates

Emails are one of your primary forms of communication with customers and Associates. DirectScale’s email templates trigger based on specific Associate actions. The default templates are sufficient for simple messaging, but customizing and updating templates with your images, text, and branding helps create a positive, personalized experience for your Associates. You can customize the templates with the Admin or a developer can add more functionality via Hooks.

For DirectScale’s built-in Email Templates:

Partner Integrations

Many clients use one of our partners, namely Ziplingo, for their notification strategy. With Ziplingo, you can have your notifications/messages automatically trigger/send out based on your Associates' activities performed in the Web Office. These messages can be routed to many different channels, such as email, SMS, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

  1. If you’re interested in integrating with Ziplingo, your onboarding specialist will facilitate a meeting with Ziplingo.

  2. Your Ziplingo representative will undertake the integration and testing with you. For any questions and troubleshooting related to Ziplingo integrations, contact your Ziplingo representative.

  For more options of partner integrations and solutions, visit the DirectScale Marketplace.
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