Release Notes: May 14, 2020


Here’s what’s new with DirectScale the week of May 14th, 2020.

Be sure to check out the Help Center and Training section this week!  We added new help guides for developers to get familiar with the newly opened client extensions and XML comp plan editor.  Our clients have the power, and now they can get the know-how to be creators of their own destiny.  

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🎁 New Features and 🌟 Enhancements for All!

🎁 New! Volume Splitting Settings in Inventory [Corp Admin] Now it’s even easier to set up items to distribute volume over a period of time. If you recall from a few weeks ago, we introduced the back-end support for this feature to enable a purchased amount of volume to be distributed over time, and now there is an easy to use UI. This is found on your Inventory Details under the Prices and Discounts tab.

🌟 Improved! Translation Support Hook for Nexio [Corp Admin] Now the payment modal for Nexio will pass through the user’s language when implementing this new hook. 

🌟 Improved! Retail Site API Cleanup [Retail Site] More cleanup work every week! This time we worked on removing redundant exception logging to improve the speed. 


🐞 Bugs That Have Been Squashed

🐞Fixed: Guest Checkout Credit Card Name Populating Wrong for Nexio  [Retail Site] The Nexio integration on Retail is trying to be smart by auto-populating the name of the person who is enrolling. This causes issues with guest checkout because the name is not being saved so the modal when entering a credit card was showing random letters and numbers. This has been fixed so guests checking out don’t have to clear out the wrong name to put in their own. 

🐞Fixed: Modal Not Scrolling [Corp Admin] When adding a new credit card with through the Corp Admin, the modal would not scroll to the bottom to see the save button. This has been resolved and was not an issue on our other sites. 

🐞Fixed: Party Widgets Missing Translations  [Web Office] String translations have been added for the party widgets so you can update the language or change the terminology as you desire. 

🐞Fixed: Missing Validation for Webalias Availability  [Web Office] When trying to update your username, the validation to check if the webalias was also available was not in place. This wouldn’t happen often because most accounts have the same username and webalias. But in the rare case where they weren’t, the validation was letting usernames be set to someone else’s webalias. 

🐞Fixed: Custom Page Publish From Live to Stage/Dev Broken [Retail Admin] The publish ability to take a custom page that was built on Live and publish those changes to either Stage or Dev was broken. This has been fixed. 


📘 Help Center and Training

📘New! How to Create a Basic Compensation Plan [Article] Broke out Basic Compensation Plan into its own article and added stats template and projected commissions template information.

📘New! Managing Overrides in the Corporate Office [Video

📘New! Integrating with a Money-In Payment Provider [Video

📘New! Integrating with a Tax Services Provider in Corporate Office [Video

📘New! Adding and Auditing Commission Profiles in the Corporate Office [Video

📘New! How an Associate Can Create an AutoShip Order in Web Office [Article]

🌟 Improved! Using XML to Design a Compensation Plan [Article] Added stats template and projected commissions template information.

🌟 Improved! Base Associate Types, Associate Types, and Price Groups Explained [Article] Added more details for better accuracy.

🌟 Improved! Using the Test Merchant [Article] Added payment response numbers to the article. Test Merchant can create different order payment responses based on the last four digits of the card number you enter as a Payment Method in an order’s Checkout page.

🌟 Improved! How to Add Inventory Items and Pricing [Article] Updated these articles to explain split volume logic and capabilities.

🌟 Improved! How to Upload Files and Assets in eCommerce Admin [Article] Added bulk upload context and description to the article.

🌟 Improved! How to Access the Public API Documentation [Resource] Added more detail and accuracy to the API documentation resource.

🌟 Improved! How to Edit Email Templates [Article] Updated with correct link to email variable list.

🌟 Improved! Localizing Static Content [Article]

🌟 Improved! Adding Integrations [Article] Updated to include tax error backup behavior options.

🐞Fixed Reviewing and Adjusting Payables [Article] Fixed the broken images and added advanced settings checkboxes.


🔮 What Cool Things Are We Working On?

  • Improving the user experience for when orders have volume that gets distributed over time.
  • Unifying the Admin experience across all our tools.
  • Ongoing enhancements to improve Retail Admin’s ease of use and add new configurable settings.
  • We are creating more user guides for specific parts of the system such as adding a new market.
  • We are creating videos for the most important parts of initial launch eCommerce customization.
  • We are documenting the testing needed for going Live with your platform.

Is something missing from this list? Report bugs that you find to our amazing Support Team by chatting with them from the platform or submitting a request here.  

Do you have a cool idea for a new feature? Join the community discussion to suggest new features and see other ideas you might have never thought of here

Are we missing an article, video, or training resource? Add your request for new documentation or training ideas in the comments here.



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