Testing the Visual Tree

The Visual Tree in the Admins offers you a better view of Associate downline structures.

After going through the checklists in the Get Started section and setting up your Visual Tree KPI, you’ll want to test this page’s functionality and ensure that all the data displays correctly.

  • Do this in your Live environment.

  • Do this for every market you have set up.

  Report any errors you find to Customer Care or your DirectScale contact.

For Corporate Admin

  1. Navigate to your test Associate’s Detail page.

  2. Test each of the following to ensure they are working correctly:

    • Click the Trees tab and select each available Tree option.

      Tree selection
    • On the selected Tree page, use the Period Selector to view a Tree from a previous period.

      Period Selector
    • Click the arrow next to a name to expand, showing that particular Associate’s downline.

      Tree expansion
    • Click an Associate’s name to view their Detail page.

For Web Office

  1. Impersonate your test Associate’s Web Office

    • Or navigate to [CLIENTID].office2.directscale.com and login with your test Associate’s credentials.

  2. Navigate to the Visual Tree. The Visual Tree should load with your impersonated test Associate at the top of the Tree.

  3. Use the Visual Tree’s features to test its functionality to ensure everything is working correctly.

    • Click the Tree dropdown and select a Tree. The Visual Tree should only show the Tree chosen.

    • Your added icons should appear for any Associate without a profile image.

    • Use the zoom slider to adjust the view.

    • Click each Associate name to open a profile panel. Your added data points should appear in the panel.

    • In the panel, click VIEW FULL PROFILE. The Associate’s Team Dashboard should open.

    • In the panel, click FOCUS TREE ON {ASSOCIATE NAME}. The Visual Tree should only show the selected Associate and their upline.

    • Click the icon. A Team Chat panel should open with the selected Associate added to the To field.

    • Use the search bar to find Associates. You can only search by full name or Associate ID, and you must hit Enter on your keyboard to initiate the search. Once initiated, the results should appear below the search bar. Selecting a name focuses the Tree on that Associate.

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