Web Office Customization Checklist

This checklist shows you all the tools available to customize your Associate’s Web Office experience. Follow each guide and check the boxes to keep track of each section you complete. The boxes will stay checked even if you leave this page and come back later!

If you would like, you can print this page and follow along.

Reminder: If you have any questions or need assistance with any of the steps, contact Customer Care by clicking the Help button in the corner of your screen.

Before You Start

You should check out our handy Introduction to the DirectScale Platform. This guide will give you an overview of how to use the admins, as well as some common interface elements.

This checklist also assumes that you’ve completed the Initial Setup Checklist.

Basic Customization

Add navigation links

Upload Background Images

Learn about Multi-Faceted Configuration (MFC)

Manage translations

Upload documents and media resources

Create training courses

Add events to the Calendar

Learn how to localize content

Add testimonials

Customizing the Visual Tree

Set up Visual Tree icons

Configuring Share Options and Personalized Webaliases

Customize notifications

Modify the Web Office Login page

Configure login events

Configure Widgets and Widget Pages

Configure the Sponsor/Enroller widget

Configure the Ranks Info widget

Customize the Homepage

Add banners

Configure the Team Dashboard

Configure the Settings page

Configure the Personal Information widget

Configure the Support page

Configure the Orders/Autoships widget

Set up the Marketing Sites widget

Add social posts to the Quick Share widget

Add data/KPI to the Business Snapshot widget

Add corporate contact information

Add corporate social links

Advanced Web Office Customization

Visit: DirectScale Developers Site

In this site, you’ll find resources to:

Create custom pages

Manage custom admin and external pages

Create custom widgets

Insert custom JavaScript

Creating a custom countdown widget

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