Launch and Go-Live Checklist

This checklist is to be completed after going through the Get Started series:

Follow this checklist to ready your system to launch and go live. You can check each box next to the task to keep track of your progress for each section.

  If you have any questions or need assistance with any of the checklist items, contact Customer Care.
  It’s vital to clear your browser’s cache after each test. Failure to do so may result in errors.

Enrollment and Shopping

For Corporate Admin, check if Associate enrollment and Tree placement are working correctly.

  • Complete Enrollment forms for each Associate Type.

  • Complete guest checkout in your shops.

Web Office

Test that the Web Office’s content is working and loading correctly.

  • All Web Office navigation and links work and target pages; content correctly loads.

Ordering and AutoShip

In Web Office and Corporate Admin, test order/AutoShip placement/management.

  • Complete an Associate order in Web Office with a new payment card.

  • (If applicable) Complete an Associate order in Web Office with a migrated tokenized card.

Communication & Notifications

Test the reception of emails and notification from orders/enrollment in Corporate Admin, Web Office, and your Shop.

  • Email receipt is received for a new order.

  • Email is received when AutoShip is processed.

  • Email is received when enrollment is completed.


Test report creation in Web Office and Corporate Admin and add Quick Reports in Web Office Admin.

Stats / Volumes / Trees

Test volume and stats incrementing and Tree placing in Corporate Admin and Web Office.

  • Placing a new personal order increments key volumes (PV, GV and CV) as expected.

  • Placing an order in somewhere in the downline increments key volumes (GV, CV, DV) as expected.

General Web Office

Test general Web Office functionality.

  • Test Associate search function.

General Corporate Admin

Test general Corporate Admin functionality.

  • Passwords for Web Office can be reset.


Test your compensation plan and commission payments in Corporate Admin and Web Office.

  • Confirm rank names and requirements show correctly in Web Office.

  • Test each commission plan bonus.

  • Test commissions calculation.

  • Test paying commissions to a new account.

  • (If applicable) Test paying commissions to migrated account.

  • Verify all key volumes are showing correctly in Corporate Admin Associate’s Detail page.

  • Verify all key volumes are showing correctly in Web Office (such as Business Snapshot and Quick Reports).

  • Check that Associate stats are running in Corporate Admin Associate Detail page.

  • Sign off on compensation plan (programming, volume calculation, payout, etc.).


Audit and sign off on payment processing/commission payment merchant, shipping, and tax integrations with your DirectScale account manager.

  • Sign off on payment processor merchant integration.

  • Sign off on commission merchant integration.

  • Audit shipping/third-party logistics (3PL) integration with DirectScale contact.

  • Sign off on 3PL and Shipping integration.

  • Sign off on tax integration.

  • (If applicable) Audit data migration with DirectScale contact.

  • (If applicable) Sign off on data migration.

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