Inventory Management Guide

Manual In-House Logistics

Corporate Admin features basic inventory management tools that allow you to create warehouses and shipping methods, add vendors, and create purchase orders. The processes are manual. If you’re doing your fulfillment in-house, then you may find these tools helpful.


  1. Manage default Stores or add a custom Store.
  2. Add warehouses.
  3. Add shipping methods.
  4. Add vendors.


  1. Create purchase orders.
  2. Transfer inventory.
  3. Receive Inventory.

Third-Party Logistics Provider Integration

Many clients, however, need a more robust logistic shipping management and will integrate with third-party logistics providers.

  1. Setting up the FTP Site for Logistics
  2. Integrating with Visible SCM (IntegraCore)

If you need a custom solution built, visit the DirectScale Marketplace to find a solution provider or integration partner.

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