Building the Reports You Need

With this guide, we will take you through the reporting tools available to you and your Associates in your system.

For a general overview of reporting UI and functionality, see Report Functionality and User Interface.

Corporate Admin

There are pre-built reports ready to view:

  1. View pre-Built Associate reports.
  2. View pre-Built sales reports.

Use the SQL tools to view data:

  1. Use the SQL Manager to view data.
  2. Use the SQL Query library to find common queries.

Create, save, and export custom reports:

  1. Create custom reports with the SQL Report Builder.
  2. Or, Create custom reports with the Visual Report Builder.

Web Office

Creating Quick Reports for Associates:

  1. Customize Web Office Report Center report data.
  2. Create a Report Center report in Web Office.
  3. Add a Quick Report with Web Office Admin.

Customize the report pages:

  1. Configure the Web Office Commissions History report.
  2. Configure the Web Office Pay History report.
  3. Configure the Web Office Volume History report.
  4. Configure the Web Office Order History report.
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