Testing Your Compensation Plan

After creating or editing a compensation plan, test the configurations to ensure the results return as expected. This article will go through the steps to test these results.

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During this process, you use the Statistics section on an Associate’s Detail page frequently. This section display KPI based on your XML Stats compensation plan template, letting you easily see your testing results and confirm they are correct.

Statistics section

1. Create a Test Associate

If needed, create a test Associate or use Sam Space. This test Associate will function as the Sponsor.

You must then create at least two additional test Associates and place them under the Sponsor test Associate.

For these two downline Associates, assign them the following Associate Types:

  • One a Distributor Associate

  • The other is a Retail Associate

2. Add Inventory with Volume Amounts

Create an Inventory Item with Volume and Bonuses. You will use this as a test item.

  Add Corporate to the Stores field to allow a corporate order to distribute the item’s volume and bonuses.

3. Map Testing Payment Methods

Ensure the Test Merchant and Cash payment methods are enabled for the Corporate store. They should be enabled by default. If they need to be added, see Mapping Payment Providers.

4. Create a Test Corporate Shop Order

Using the configured inventory item from Step 2, create a corporate test order for the first test Associate.

5. Validate Volume and Bonus Rewards

Ensure that the item’s volumes and bonuses were given to the test Associate by looking at the Associate’s Detail Statistics section.

Statistics Volume display

6. Test Rank Conditions

Use the Statistics section to test your Compensation Plan’s Rank conditions by modifying:

Ensure that when the test Associate meets the Rank conditions, they move in rank as expected.

Statistics Rank display

7. Repeat the Steps for the Additional Test Associates

Using the test Associate’s Visual Tree, repeat the testing steps (Step 4-6) with the additional test Associates under them.

Ensure that volume is distributed correctly according to their Associate Types.

8. Validate Volume Distribution

Use the Sponsor test Associate’s Trees page to determine if the volume is distributing correctly, as determined by the Compensation Plan’s Tree conditions.

Enrollment Tree display

9. Configure Web Office Widgets

Once you’ve tested all your new or edited Compensation Plan KPIs, Stats, Volumes, and Ranks, configure the following to your preference, reflecting the data displayed from Corporate Admin:

Additionally, set up Web Office Reports. you’ll want to make sure that the information displayed reflects what’s generated from the Corporate Admin, as well:

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