Building Your Inventory SKUs

Inventory items are the products you sell to your Associates. Each item has a set of configurations. This guide demystifies the item creation process, taking you through the required and optional tasks.

Add Inventory Items

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Inventory > Products
Permission: ViewInventory()

  1. Click the New Item button.


    You navigate to the New Item page.

  2. The New Item page is where you enter the specifications for your inventory item (referred to in other articles as the Item Detail page).

    For each inventory item:

  3. Click Save Changes.

    The item adds to the Inventory Items page.

  4. To edit an item:

    1. Navigate back to the Inventory Items page.

    2. Locate your item in the list.

    3. Click the SKU or Product name link.

    4. Edit the configuration from the Item Detail page.


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