Assigning Corporate Admin User Permission Roles

Admin: Corporate Admin
Page: Settings > Company Settings > Admin Users > Manage Roles
Permission: ViewEmployee

The Roles page is where you view and assign permissions to employee Roles or the position an employee has within your company (such as Customer Service Representative, Sales Manager, etc.). Using Roles allows you to tailor employee access to certain parts of the Corporate Admin. By default, you have a handful of pre-built Roles: Customer Service, Full Access, and Warehouse Manager, and Standard User.

Adding a New Role

  1. Click the + Add Role button.

    The Role pop-up window opens.

  2. In the pop-up, enter a Role name.

  3. Type a Description of the user role within the company.

    Such as Customer Service, Warehouse Manager, Standard User, etc.

  4. Select the Homepage for this role.  This is the first page that admin users with this role will see when they log in to the Corporate Admin.
  5. Enable the relevant Permissions.

    Permission checkboxes
  6. Click Save.

Added Roles are sorted in a table that previews the Role’s name, Description, Homepage, and enabled Rights/permissions.

Admin Roles

Editing an Existing Role

Role pop-up
  1. Click the icon for the Role you want to modify to re-open the Role pop-up window

  2. In the pop-up, edit the Role’s name, Description, and Homepage if necessary.

  3. Enable/disable permissions to your preference.

    Permission checkboxes
  4. Click Save.

Permissions Definitions

Permissions are organized by the name of the tab in which they are relevant. Each box checked allows employees to access different features, such as editing an order or making changes to the email templates.




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